A Long Pause; Broken.

Hopefully.  It dawned on me the other day, as much as something can “dawn” over the course of 18 hours, that I have been making more work than I thought.  I was working on some sketches for the children’s book that I feel will actually happen this time and lamenting how slowly my sketchbooks fill these days. As a teenager I would blow through the pages of a sketchbook, after getting past the dreaded “page 1 freeze out”, one after another, with no hesitation or worry that I was putting down something worthwhile. It was “marks on a page” and somehow deep down I knew each mark contributed to my growing ability. Each page made me better. Of late (and by late I mean the last few years) I have been in what seemed like a constant state of pause in terms of my sketchbooks. This is not to say I haven’t been making work, I have actually had more professional jobs lately than in past years, but I have not been making art for the sake of making art, for the simple pleasure of putting marks on the page, in sometime.  I could chalk that up to being a new parent, or having a job that requires a great deal of imaginative thinking and sometimes leaves me feeling artistically drained. If I’m honest with myself I will throw FaceBook and Netflix onto that pile as well. There are a lot of bad movies out there that need to be watched. As it turns out, I was wrong. Not about the bad movies, but about not making work.  Daily, I create drawings, collages, sculpture, pottery and paintings. All in the name of examples for my students. While few of them are finished, many of them are pretty good because I hold my students to a very high standard and feel I can only expect their work to be high quality if I hold myself to the same standard.  This was a long post, long for me anyway. Thank you for indulging me. The short version is, I am going to start posting more of the work I am doing in my classroom, as it has in some ways become my sketchbook. And like my sketchbooks of old, each example I do for my students, each mark on a page done for an audience, makes me not only a better artist, but now a better teacher as well.

photo 2

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