New Fantasy work for a new RPG Company

These new works are some samples from upcoming role-playing games created by an up and coming gaming company called Feral Games. Writer/creator James Gantry and his team (myself included) are working hard to bring gamers the best of what they want. Feral Games is creating a wide variety of genre games including Delve, Thieve’s Guild, Super Secret Spy Agency and the District. Several of the images I have created are for a dark fantasy game in development called Dead Cities (imagine JRR Tolkien meets Mad Max) complete with colossal beasts and living weapons.  To learn more about the games, boxed, cards, and table-top, check them out here at the Feral Games website, or the Facebook page.

Also: Delve and Super Secret Spy Agency will be available soon for FREE DOWNLOAD from  DriveThruRPG .

To see the gallery of my work for this new game company, click the images below.





2 thoughts on “New Fantasy work for a new RPG Company

  1. Hi Simon,
    Looks like you have some incredibly exciting art happening!
    Love the gaming art!
    I’ll send you contact of my friend who runs The Game Loft in Belfast, huge promoters of new games:)

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