So I haven’t changed or updated this blog/website in ages. Partly because we welcomed our second child, Aurelia, into the family and then the day before her 1st birthday she suffered a very severe burn on her hands on a cast-iron coal stove. She is recovering very well but the healing (and general wrangling) has not left a lot of time for blogging. I have however discovered the magic of Instagram. It is an amazingly easy way to showcase my work to the world and at this point I am wavering around 200 followers. Not a ton as IG users know but I am kinda proud. That is where I have be posting some of the new work for the Chronicles of Aerthe (finally published and looks amazing!), The Folio (a Dungeons & Dragons module that comes out every two months thru Kickstarter, and a new book of science inspired poetry.

If you have a moment and have the app, check out my Instagram feed here. 

I am hoping to overhaul this whole website soon but for now…

p107 fossilMoon CoverShadow DragonStone soldiers

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