Summer Commissions

Well it looks like some the postcard campaign paid off. I have several portraits (animals and humans) on the docket for this summer including the piece below. A Father’s Day present in graphite.  I will post new work, both portraits and some exciting upcoming fantasy work, as it is completed. Enjoy the creative time t hat summer’s light allows.



A few pulls from the sketchbook

Just to show I am still making stuff.

Conquest Hard place Rage

Spring is here!

This is a silkscreen based on a photo of sautéed fiddleheads, a New England spring culinary treat, done for my son Henry’s school.  They are having a “Foodie Fundraiser” and my work will be the part of the VIP bonus package. It is not like my usual work but a style developed in a lesson I do with my 8th graders. Start with a photo. Ramp up the contrast. Then print out several copies. Each copy becomes a hand-cut paper stencil: one per color.  The stencils are then used with a silkscreen and ink to print multiple layers on the same paper.  Fun. If you want to see the results of my students’ work, check it out here.


Pets are great but…

Here are some new concept sketches I did in the last couple of nights. We shall see where this goes…



And if you like weird…

I can do weird.



Pets, Pets, Pets

So after much prodding and encouragement I am officially (unofficially) putting myself out there as a pet portraitist.

I will be making new business cards and postcards, look for them at your local shelters and vets.

If you know anyone who loves their pet enough to have a portrait made of them, please send them my way.

manito marlowe05 Marlowe09 XmasCard08 murphy2

Oh and I can also draw people too, so if you know someone who loves their child as much as their dog, send them my way too.

2012HenryDrawing1 xmas2014b

Prices can be negotiated based on size and material.




I’m not good at updating

Hey folks,

Once again a ton of time has passed and I have neglected my blog. But since Uncle Sam decided that I made enough free-lance moolah this year for the government to deserve some of it,I guess I should keep up with this promotional side of the biz.  So here are a couple of pieces that helped make me that money.

bagel popcorn wine Color_Witch_2_hair Wizz_FinalChewie_Final

Meet the Illustrator

So I invite anyone nearby (or feel free to travel) to come to the opening at 555 restaurant on November’s First Friday Artwalk in Portland.  That’s Friday the 7th.  The show is sponsored by ZEST magazine and will feature food inspired art by my 7th and 8th grade students, as well as a chance to meet the publisher and one of the featured illustrators in Maine’s new food and dining magazine. That’s me, by the way.

here is the invite and below that the cover art from issue #1 (which came out in the summer). Issue #2, featuring many interior illos by me, should be available at the opening.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.38.20 PM


More crows

I’ve had crows on the mind again.


Sketchbook drawing

Recent trip to the Portland Museum of Art got me thinking about some of the old “gleaner” drawings I can look at for hours and never get tired of.



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